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Declaracion de trabajo Pro Bono para el continente americano

Commission’s protocol and standards

1) The Commission will act as a liaison between the law firms associated with CACBA and the persons or non-profit organizations requiring free professional or Pro Bono representation to bring complaints relating to public interest issues.

2) The Commission’s actions will be limited to facilitating the relationship between Pro Bono clients and law firms.  The Commission will not participate or interfere in any way with the professional relationship between clients and law firms. 

3) The Commission shall keep a registry of all law firms willing to provide pro bono legal services. The registry is open to all law firms in the City of Buenos Aires whose owners include at least one member of the CACBA and who are willing to pay the annual membership fee fixed by the Commission. All firms listed in the registry commit to devoting the same care and attention to Pro Bono matters as to those for which they receive compensation.  Additionally, all member law firms must assign a partner to supervise and coordinate work relating to these Pro Bono cases.

4) In order to preserve the Pro Bono nature of a firm’s professional work, any fees produced by a judicial order awarding costs or any other settlement agreement shall be deposited in a special fund directed by the Commission. Law firms may deduct any taxes or authorized litigation costs prior to depositing these funds.

5) The Commission must authorize in advance any media disclosure or publication relating to the result or development of a case.

6) The Commission’s decisions shall be taken by majority vote.  A quorum of more than half of the members must be present for a vote.

7) Procedure for case referrals:

a. After being presented with a request for Pro Bono legal services, the Commission will analyze the request and decide whether the case is of "public interest" and whether, given its capabilities and features, it is feasible to propose the case to its member law firms.

b. The cases accepted by the Commission will be "circulated" among registered law firms with a summary of their essential characteristics.

c. The case will be assigned law firm that manifests an interest in taking the case.  If several law firms are interested, the case will be assigned in accordance with the preference of the Pro Bono client or, lacking such a preference, by lottery. In all cases in which matters may be assigned to more than one law firm, the matters may be handled in a unified manner.  If after a case has been assigned, a conflict of interest requires a law firm to recuse itself from the matter, the case will be re-assigned in accordance with the initial assignment procedure set forth in this paragraph or in accordance with paragraph b) where appropriate.

d. The Commission may require law firms to produce periodic reports regarding the progress of cases they have been assigned.

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